Toshiba Encore 2 Specifications

If you are a Windows fan you will definitely lie Toshiba encore 2 tablet. It is not supposed to replace your computer but hey will work very similarly and Toshiba even syncs itself with latest searches, e-mails and more. The tablet can run full Windows 8 and it is very light weighted.

It runs in Intel Antom quad core processor. Although it is a solid tablet, it has 1GB of RAM and 32GB of hard drive and a big part of it is already taken by Windows, but it can be used pretty well for doing basic tasks as downloading apps and surfing the web. You can even install iTunes.

You can also watch online or download videos, music and movies. The resolution is pretty good 1280 x 800. The battery usage is also pretty good, the video playback is of 8 straight hours, but of course for better performance you have to control opened apps.

It comes with a 5 pixels camera and a front camera of 1.2 megapixels. About its connectivity, it has 4.0 bluetooth, Wifi and a micro USB connector to storage and charge. This tablet is almost perfect, there are only three cons, there is no GPS, no camera flash and too little RAM memory.