Movies of 2012

If you are a movies fan and you are really into the movies industry, then you know that 2012 was a very difficult year for the industry. In fact, some say that the cited year had the highest number of bad movies. In fact, there’s a whole theory behind the fact. All of those movies had things in common. Why was that? Could it be due to the myth which said that the world was ending in 2012? In fact, it may be. A lot of these movies were about catastrophes and disasters. However, no matter the subject, these movies were considered as terrible ideas by movie critics. So, the thing these movies have in common is awfulness.

Some of the movies listed within the “Worst movies of 2012” are “A Thousand Words, “That’s My Boy”, “Madea’s Witness Protection”, among others. If you are a true movies fan you should know these movies by now and, maybe, you will be able to anticipate to what’s on the list.

The good news is that next year we have amazing promises for the movies. Luckily, 2012 has ended, the world is still here and there are a lot of great movies that will come.