3 Best Bridal Shapewear Styles

Bridal shapewear is a busy market in and of itself. It is very common for a bride-to-be to wear shapewear for her big day, even if she isn’t used to wearing shaping styles on a daily basis.

You can find countless shapewear styles that are designed specifically for wedding-day wear. If you’re interested in adding shapewear to your look for your big day, here are three of the best types of bridal shapewear on the market in terms of style, comfort, and discretion that you should keep in mind while shopping for shapewear for your upcoming wedding day.

  •  Shaping Panties

If you feel insecure about wearing shapewear for your wedding day, try shaping panties. Shaping panties are one of the most subtle shaping styles on the market. Their wide waistband gently compresses your midsection to slim your waist, sculpt your hips, and flatten your tummy without feeling suffocating or restrictive.

These special panties create a smooth, flat finish underneath your wedding dress that looks one hundred percent natural. You can find shaping panties in a wide range of discreet styles. Shaping thongs are especially popular because they are easy to keep hidden under tight-fitting dresses.

  •  Backless Shapewear

Wedding dresses designed with a low back, no back, or a large keyhole cutout in back are currently topping the trend charts. It goes without saying that full-body shapers, classic shaping corsets, and other shapewear styles that cover your back are not compatible with these more revealing dress styles. To solve this problem and keep up with changing trends, low-back and backless bridal shapewear styles have become much more common in recent years.

There are many different types of this discreet shapewear, including low-back shaping bodysuits and corsets, high-waisted shaping panties, and even full-body shapers with an innovative backless construction. If your wedding dress reveals some bare skin in back, explore backless shapewear styles to find a piece that will stay completely invisible underneath your dress on your big day.

  •  Nude Shapewear

Traditional bridal shapewear is white, and many classic shapewear pieces designed for wedding-day wear feature lacy exteriors for a flirty, feminine finish. While these pieces are beautiful and are designed to match your wedding dress if you opt to wear a traditional white gown, they are not always the most discreet pieces to wear under your dress.

Shapewear that is adorned with lace, beads, or other textured detailing can be difficult to keep hidden under a wedding dress—especially a form-fitting dress. Plain, nude shapewear might not be as stylish as classic white bridal shapewear, but it is much more discreet. If you have your heart absolutely set on white shapewear, at least choose a simple style that isn’t detailed with any added texture.