5-Cufflinks Buying Guide

5-Cufflinks Buying Guide

Cufflinks are the perfect accessory for the contemporary woman or man, and handmade jewellery boutiques are on top of this burgeoning trend. If you have yet to experiment with this sophisticated fashion accessory, we’ve created the ultimate cufflinks buying guide to help you get started!

5-Cufflinks Buying Guide

What is the Purpose of Cufflinks?

Whilst most jewellery is purely used for decorative purposes, cufflinks also serve a functional use. They secure the cuffs of shirts. But at the same time, cufflinks enhance your look and show off your personal style.

How are Cufflinks Worn?

You will insert the cufflink through both holes of your shirt cuff, with the decorative side of the cufflink on the outside. It should feel secure – give it a gentle tug to check before you go out for an added peace of mind.


What Styles of Cufflink are There?

Cufflinks have a long history and evidence of their use has been traced back as far as the Ancient Egyptians. Depictions have been discovered in the hieroglyphics of Tutankhamun’s tomb! However, these early designs have evolved since then. During the 18th century, cufflinks became popular among the wealthy classes, in place of the ribbons that people previously used to secure their cuffs.

By the roaring 1920s, enamel cufflinks produced by artisans had risen to popularity. As these craftspeople fled the Russian Revolution, they brought their skills to Europe and America. These enamel cufflinks are now extremely valuable and are luxury items within the handmade jewellery marketplace.

Cufflinks have always reflected topical art movements from the time that they were produced. Nowadays, there is an abundance of different styles of cufflinks, including unisex cufflinks. You can buy beautifully handcrafted cufflinks that take inspiration from architectural trends, from different cultures around the world and from our natural environments. Handmade jewellery designers weave beautiful shapes and styles into their creations and use precious and semi precious gemstones.

On the other hand, you can even buy novelty and humorous cufflinks!


Can you Buy Unisex Cufflinks?

Whilst cufflinks have long been associated with men, they have recently blossomed as a jewellery trend for women. You can buy unisex cufflinks that work equally for either gender and compliment a number of female clothes. Unisex cufflinks are the perfect jewellery alternative for women who love accessories but would rather wear something that provides a practical function.

How Can I Style Cufflinks?

Cufflinks allow a lot of styling possibilities. You may wear them as a token piece of jewellery or team them with a few other select items.

If you choose a cufflink with a gemstone then you should try to coordinate it with the rest of your accessories. For example, team a pair of green onyx unisex cufflinks with a coordinating set of stud earrings or ring. When shopping for cufflinks, you can browse jewellery offers at the same time to find pieces that flatter one another.

Cufflinks are available in all shades of gold as well as sterling silver. It is best to balance out your choice of gold; whilst mixing metals is no longer a jewellery taboo you want to ensure that you don’t wear too much of a combination in one go.

When wearing cufflinks you may prefer to keep your wrists bare and leave your cuff bracelets or bangles at home for the day. This allows your beautiful cufflinks the chance to shine!

Are Cufflinks a Good Gift?

If you’re shopping for a loved one then we may be biased but we think cufflinks are a fabulous choice of gift!

Cufflinks have a sense of maturity about them and we associate them with business attire, because they only work with formal shirts. They are a tremendous choice for someone who has just made a major leap in the business world; perhaps they have just accepted their first job, received a promotion or launched their own business. In this context, they are perfect for women and men alike – which is where unisex cufflinks step into the picture.

On the other hand, they are a great gift ahead of a special occasion such as a wedding. They make a perfect gift for groomsmen or other members of the wedding party.

Another wonderful occasion to gift a pair of cufflinks is to coincide with university graduation. So check out jewellery offers ahead of graduation season.