8 Ways to Organize Your Bathroom Counter


A cluttered and disorganized space can affect your health, both mentally and physically. It can cause anxiety and leave surfaces more prone to germs. And since the bathroom is one of the first and last areas we see, waking up and heading to bed, it can pay to create a more calm and clean environment. And one of the worst clutter-prone offenders of a bathroom is the countertops and vanity. So just how can one improve this bathroom area? Here are eight ways to organize your bathroom counter.

1. Organize Items By Use

One of the easiest ways to organize your bathroom counter is to sort your items by use. For instance, keep all of your dental products together. Keep teeth whitening products and your teeth whitening kit gathered together in one collection. The same goes for cosmetics, perfumes and any medicine or medical supplies. While this seems like a logical step in organizing a bathroom, the trick lies in maintaining this organization. Luckily, there are many design tricks and bathroom furniture and decor to help you with that.

2. Use Containers and Trays


When it comes to bathroom organization, you can never have too many containers and trays. For example, you can keep an open container of cotton balls for daily makeup removal. Trays can also help you sort products by use. Showcase and place all of your perfumes on a decorative tray above the vanity. Adding a long tray on the toilet’s water tank offers a more presentable look and makes use of an otherwise narrow, unutilized space.

3. Install a Medicine Cabinet and Shelving

Get the most use out of vertical space to leave counters open and free. For an uncluttered counter space, install a medicine cabinet above the vanity or extra shelving. However, if outdated metal medicine cabinets come to mind, don’t worry! There are far more aesthetically-pleasing medicine cabinets available, from glamorous mirrors to flush wall mounts. Inside a cabinet or shelves, you can have space for smaller items like lotions and even larger cubbies for hairdryers. Choose something with adjustable shelves so that you can customize the heights and keep all the beauty products and medical supplies within reach.

4. Add a Narrow Standing Unit in Tight Spaces

It may seem like certain tight spaces next to your counter are useless. One such example might be a narrow empty space between a vanity and wall. However, you’d be surprised how many well-designed, narrow shelving units are available that allow you to take advantage of even the smallest corners and niches. And with these narrow standing units, you can organize practically anything. Use open shelves to display stacks of spare bath towels and elegant perfume bottles, while leaving cabinets to hide away things like toilet paper and tissues.

5. Elevate Items with Stackable Shelves

While bath towels are easy to stack, other bathroom items are not. And this is where stackable shelves come in handy. For instance, bottles and individual containers might create an uneven surface, but add a shelf over them and you can make more room and utilize the space better. A stackable rack works wonders beneath a bathroom sink, where the plumbing can get a bit awkward and in the way.

6. Sort Towels in Linen Baskets


Not sure if a towel’s been used or not? Keep them organized with a pair of linen baskets. Keep one linen basket for clean, fresh bath towels and the other for the dirty ones ready for laundry day. If you pick up a pair of plain wood baskets, you can even spray paint them to complement your bathroom’s existing color palette.

You can also choose metal baskets to give a more masculine look or modern farmhouse vibe. Plus, you can use them for various things like awkwardly large toiletries that don’t seem to fit other places. Baskets of any style also soften a bathroom’s hard edges and materials, lending a charming, homey feel.

7. Divide and Conquer with Drawer Dividers

Another way to organize your bathroom counter is to use drawer dividers. For drawers that seem to get cluttered frequently, install a few dividers to sort the items within. Drawer dividers also keep things from rolling far back in the vanity and getting lost in the shuffle. Next time you go hunting for something, you won’t have to dig. With everything in its place, you’ll find it faster, too.

One extra tip: Choose drawer dividers that can easily be pulled out, allowing you to pull them out and wipe them down should something ever spill.

8. Incorporate a Versatile Rolling Cart

For bathrooms that lack a linen closet or have cramped, minimal vanity space, incorporate a rolling cart. Versatile and mobile, a rolling cart can offer shelving and possibly even a small drawer where you can keep anything from stacks of spare towels to trays of cosmetics. Designate a special shelf for your self-care days and include scented candles, face masks and more. Or, in shared bathrooms, allow each person their own shelf to organize as they wish.

With countless shapes, sizes and styles available, choose a rolling cart that adds a decorative flair to your bathroom. Complete the space with a rolling cart that offers a metallic finish, matching faucets and hardware. The best part of a rolling cart? You can transition it into other rooms.

Ready to Organize Your Bathroom?

With these useful, practical tips and decorative advice, you can ensure a clutter-free, organized bathroom counter in no time. Done correctly, you’ll never go digging through a drawer again. With everything in its place, you can get ready quickly so you can get on with your day.

Having a bathroom counter free of loose toiletries and cosmetics can not only offer you a sparkling clean, germ-free surface, but it can also give you peace of mind as you prepare for the day and unwind for the evening.