Are Eyeglasses Fashion Chains In Style?

Are Eyeglasses Fashion Chains In Style?

When you think of eyeglass chains, visions of your grandma probably pop into your mind, right? What if we told you they are now one of the top fashions on the runway, with celebrities, and with everyday people like yourself?

This is great news, right? Now you can rock your favorite eyeglass fashion chains and feel like you’re at the height of the latest fashion trend. 

How are they wearing these styles? Check out the top trends.

Eyeglass chains with Aviators

Aviators have always been in style, but now you can add fashion chains to them and be even trendier. The pop stars are doing it, so why not you too? Cable link chains are a great accessory for aviators, but honestly, any eyeglass chain works well with these universal sunglasses.

Tortoiseshell Glasses

Oversized tortoiseshell glasses are another long-standing trend. They look good on just about any face and with any skin tone. To spice things up a bit, add tortoise shell eyeglass chains and you get double the fun. 

If double tortoiseshell doesn’t appeal to you, almost any eyeglass chain including whether metal chains or chains with beads and shells, there’s always something that goes well with tortoiseshell glasses.

Sunglasses with Gold Chains

If you’re looking for a way to dress up your sunglasses, gold chains are a great addition. They make any pair of sunglasses look fashionable and/or dressy. Go big with a cable gold chain or make it more discreet with round links with yellow gold. 

Round Frames with a Simple Chain

If you’re more of a simple person and don’t like to call attention to yourself, pair your round frame sunglasses with a simple chain. Whether you choose silver, gold, or a neutral color, such as black, there are plenty of ways to keep a low profile, while jumping in on the sunglasses chain trend.

How to Make your Eyeglasses Fashion Chains Look Trendy

So how do you look like the celebrities or as if you belong on the runway? 

Decide how you want it to look. Are you looking for a fashionable trend – to stand out and have people say ‘hey she looks like Gigi Hadid,’ the first of the celebrities to rock this trend or something more muted.

If you like the go big or go home style – we have plenty of options including the medium matte sunglasses chain links. Available in black and tortoise shell, we have a style for every pair of sunglasses. If you’d rather have something a little more muted or dainty, try the beads and shells chains. 

Other Ways to Use Sunglasses Chains

Here’s the thing – sunglasses chains aren’t reserved just for sunglasses, despite their names. While that’s a great use, they are also great for masks and since they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon, it makes sense to make them fashionable, right?

The chains clip easily to the ear loops on your mask, which makes it easy to slip your mask down without wondering where you put it or risk losing it. We love the beaded and shell chains to dress up or at least make boring masks a little more fun – accessories make everything better, right?

Should you Get Eyeglasses Fashion Chains?

If you haven’t jumped on the eyeglasses fashion chains style yet, it’s time! Whether you wear them with sunglasses, masks, or both, they are a great way to dress up your outfit and feel better about yourself. 

The trend may feel a little nostalgic at first – almost like you’re channeling your grandma’s most coveted fashion trend, but we promise, it’s a hot trend right now that you’ll start seeing more celebrities rocking.

Get at the forefront of the trend and get your perfect pair of fashion chains, or get a couple and accessorize any outfit that you wear. As we get out and about more, it’s time to kick up our fashion even more and the eyeglass chains are the perfect way to do it.