Choosing Jewellery That Best Reflects Your Personality



It can be frustrating at times, to want to purchase jewellery that best fits your personality, while knowing little about how to accomplish such a feat. After all, everyone has their specific tastes and styles, which can further complicate things. Fortunately, there are a few general rules that go with choosing designer jewellery that best suits your personal aesthetic and complements your style. Without further ado, here are a few tips to aid you in choosing jewellery that best fits your personality.

For those with an active lifestyle

For those of you who happen to enjoy a relatively active lifestyle, the best types of jewellery would fall under the umbrella of earrings and necklaces. Even if your job or hobbies happen to require a great deal of physical work, you will be able to adorn yourself with beautiful necklaces and earrings without sacrificing efficiency. You will find that most people with pronounced jewellery in the form of earrings and necklaces and little else are likely to be outgoing and the life of a party.

If you find yourself relating to a more outgoing lifestyle, Silver Jewellery by Claudia Bradby is an excellent resource for finding pieces that are both stellar and reasonably priced.

For those with a noble air about them

While it does not necessarily mean that you cannot be professional and outgoing at the same time, sometimes a particular nature is most prominent within our psyche. For those who like to keep things calm and professional to the point of outright nobility, nothing says noble like beautiful rings and brooches. It brings with it an air of superiority that is often further reinforced if you have a strong personality. That said, you do not have to fill your fingers with different rings – in most cases, a single beautiful ring is enough.

For those with a more introverted personality

For the more thoughtful and observant personalities of the bunch, few types of jewellery are more fitting than bracelets and anklets. You will find many belonging to the introverted personality group who have custom and handmade bracelets and anklets, which does much to complement their personality. Jewellery specifically tied to the hair is also something that an introverted personality would likely look beautiful wearing.

Don’t forget your preferences!

Considering that everyone has their specific style, it would do you a disservice to ignore the types of jewellery that you love the most in lieu of the jewellery on this list. It would be a good idea to mix and match based on your personality as well as your favourite types of designer jewellery. For example, a beautiful pair of earrings mixed with silver anklets is a thoughtful mix that denotes an outgoing yet quiet nature.

While the list is here to help you find jewellery that best fits your personality, it would be a good idea to mix and match what is recommended alongside the types that you prefer. With enough effort, you will have a personal style that few else can match!