How To Accessorize Your Long Prom Dress By Color

First, let´s learn about the color wheel. The color wheel is a large circle divided into different colors, which allows you to see 12 colors at once. Each color of the wheel represents all shades of that color, so the green wedge of the color wheel represents shades of pale, dark, and bright green. Once you know how the color wheel works, it will be very useful to determine what accessory colors look best with the color of your jovani dresses long prom dress.

Begin by choosing the color of the color wheel that most resembles the color of your dress. The color that is in front of the color of your dress will be its complementary color. A pair of complementary colors is vibrant and has high contrast, especially if you use bright shades of colors. You must use accessories of complementary colors in small doses.

The colors near the color of your long prom dress are its similar colors. These colors work exceptionally well together and look good. To use the analogous colors more effectively, choose a dominant color (the long prom dress) and a complimentary one (shoes, scarf, purse). If you want to use a third color, do it for emphasis on small jewels or details.

You may find it helpful to print a copy of the color wheel and hang it on the inside of the door of your closet. That way, you can consult it when you need it. Generally, it is recommended that you use only three primary colors or less in your outfit.

1) Place the most flattering colors closer to your face. Always use colorful accessories that look good with the tone of your skin and the color of your eyes closer to the face, such as earrings, necklaces or scarves. Accessories in colors that do not look good with your natural colors should be placed away from your face, like shoes or a bag.

2) Try accessories in the stores. You probably do not end up buying those specific accessories. However, you will have an idea of ​​what types of accessories look good or not with the dress. It is an excellent opportunity to experiment with different colors or styles without spending money.

3) Do not forget to get a bag/clutch. Nothing can ruin a look faster than ignoring a good night bag and merely take the bag stuffed with only important things you use daily when you leave home like phone, keys, and cash. Prom dresses are often complemented with a clutch as well.

4) Choose the shoes. As for the color of the shoes, make sure that it complements everything in look. You can choose shoes that match the rest of your outfit, or you can make the shoes the vital part and choose a color that stands out. For example, you can wear bright red shoes with a small black dress to achieve a unique and elegant look. Also, because your shoes will be placed as far away from your face as possible, it is an excellent opportunity to bring out a color that you like but does not favor you.

5) Use a pantyhose. The pantyhose can make your figure look softer and thinner. Pantyhose can also make your legs look longer if you combine them with the color of the hem and the shoes.

Adittional Tips

  • Wear a solid colored dress under an open jacket of a different color to create a “column” effect that can help camouflage a larger midsection. You can achieve this effect with a well-placed shawl or a scarf.
  • Large prints may look too bulky on small girls, but they can also draw attention to heavier women. If you want to direct attention to a specific part of your body, you can do it with a large and striking pattern. However, if you do not want to attract attention, it is recommended that you use a smaller and more subtle print.
  • If the top or middle part of your body is larger, keep the prints on the bottom of the dress. Do not wear a dress that has a pattern just on top.
  • To direct attention to your face, use flattering and brighter colors near it to accentuate it. The colors that combine or complement your eyes and brighten your face are especially effective.

Prom magic is everywhere, and has been demonstrated in different occasion as Macy’s explains in How to Get Ready for Prom – Accessories Ideas. We hope you enjoy this special celebration.