Things to do for Mom on her Birthday

Things to do for Mom on her Birthday


Mothers give their day and night in an appreciable upbringing of their child. From cooking every day four times a day to cleaning their rooms because she just can’t stand the inconvenience, moms are always on their toes. Little do children realise but mothers never let a strand of trouble reach their kids without going through it first. And it is these strong mothers that push their children when the time comes to make them ready for the world no matter how hard it is. And no matter how old you grow they always celebrate your birthdays like it’s your first and you are still her baby. Well, now that you have grown up it’s time to make your mommy feel the same and give her a birthday she will never forget. And here are some tips you can follow to get at it.

Order a Surprise Cake

Cakes are what make the occasions what it is and to make it the most amazing order online midnight birthday cake delivery in Chennai and let her open the door to her surprise cake and happiness. Go for a photo or designer cake, but tired or super chocolaty as you may like.

Don’t let her Cook

Don’t expect your mom to cook on her birthday too, instead order something from outside like pizza, south India food and of course sulfas for desserts. From breakfast to dinner make it your responsibility to bring the best to your mommy and family.

The Big Present

Birthday means time for a present, give your mom a present she won’t forget. Include in it a greeting card and a bouquet. And you may add to it a handbag, cosmetic kit, smartwatch or something of the sort which is also a must.

Play a Game of Tombola

Don’t let the afternoons be lazy bring out that old game of tombola and play it with your family. The laughter and fight will be enough to throw away the laziness and bombard you with love on your birthday.

Visit your Relatives

If the idea of celebrating alone is daunting, you can pay a visit to your maternal and paternal aunts and uncles. You can take along some pastries, flowers and food too. Although they will have presents ready for your mom too.

Throw a Surprise Kitty

Let her spend some time with her friends and have a chit chat. Be the host and help the ladies have a great time together. Order food, snacks and drinks for them and you may also like to manage a few cards or board games. Invite all the ladies and don’t let your mother know of your intention. Do pick a great dress for her though so that she looks dashing greeting everyone at the party.

There’s no one even close who could take your mother’s place, give her the love she deserves because that’s all she wants.