Top Athleisure Trends for Men in 2021

Top Athleisure Trends for Men in 2021

With 90% of the population juggling work and play from home, more and more people are now aspiring for a relaxed, easy-to-wear all-day clothing style.

Thanks to the dynamic changes in lifestyle, the athleisure for men trend is now on fire in the fashion industry. According to the detailed consumer analysis of global fashion trends, more people lean towards incorporating sporty looks in everyday life.

Do you want to keep up with the emerging athleisure trends? Use this guide to identify and add the best pieces of athleisure garments to your closet.

Athletic Shorts

Gone are the days when workout shorts were considered to be baggy and loose. The preppy style has always enjoyed a high fashion renaissance in the past years. In 2021, athletic shorts have taken a bold turn in the right direction.

Say bye to baggy athletic shorts and move on to the racks of workout shorts driven by fit in the latest athleisure movement. Workout shorts are now designed to look flattering and homey.

Nothing can beat a pair of comfortable athletic shorts that you can throw on for a day of working from home. Be it sweat or mesh, these are an excellent option for a casual setting.

Athleisure for men has grown into a legitimate cornerstone that you no longer have to feel hesitant about matching shorts with other casual social attires.

Trendy Polo Shirts

Besides shoes and all-activity sneakers, there are numerous other pieces of Athleisure fashion that you can add to your weekend wardrobe. Polo shirts are one such essential item to have in your closet.

Polo shirt continues to shine in the sportswear limelight since their creation in the ’30s. As well as being sports attire, polo shirts are also stylishly designed to help you pull off a relaxed and elegant look.

In 2021, this timeless piece of garment still offers plenty of benefits, making it a perfect athleisure outfit for men.

Have you planned to go golfing and enjoy a night out with friends on the same day? If yes, then polo shirts are your best bet at rocking both worlds. Pair it with jeans or chinos in the day and match it with a relaxed suit for stylish night-out attire.

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Bomber Jackets

Scorching summers will no longer push you to adorn out-of-style pieces. Outerwear is an essential element of athleisure, which helps many men keep up their trend even during the warmer months.

Hold on to some lightweight outerwear on hand for when the warmth drops. As you will not be wearing it the whole day, you can pick an athleisure outfit that complements almost all outfits you own.

Like polo shirts, bomber jackets have also managed to stay in trend all these years. Pick a light enough bomber jacket in neutral or cream colors to keep the heat away.

Baseball and Trucker Hats

What can be sportier than a trendy baseball hat? Hats are now perceived as a relaxed attire that sits well with both formal and informal setups. Be it gym, outdoor events, or a baseball game, you can pick your favorite baseball or trucker hat and rock a perfect athleisure look.

Pullovers and Running Tights

One of the best sweatshirt alternatives that have been making its rounds in the athleisure club is pullovers.  Performance pullovers make the best choice for workout sessions, morning coffee runs, and laidback outdoor events.

Pick a stretch-polyester pullover for your warm-up sessions with a zipper for better body heat regulation.

With pullovers come the ever-present classic running tights.  Sports tights that act as a second skin are tough enough to handle harsh rain and winds. They are also designed with such light materials as not to break your stride while working out.

Sweatpants and Casual Trousers

When it comes to bottom wear, sweat pants and casual trousers are a trendy way to rock the athleisure movement. Jeans and suit pants can sometimes be inherently formal, thereby killing the look and function.

However, sweatpants work in such a way that it makes a perfect choice for a laidback and sports luxury look. Sports-inspired jogger pants paired with an all-activity sneaker will nail all the elements of athleisure for men trend.

As joggers give off a strong athletic vibe, you can also choose to wear them with ready-to-wear combinations to balance the entire outfit.

With so many clothing styles entering the landscape and failing to liven up to expectations, athleisure is one of the styles which have managed to rule the lives of different generations. So, what are you waiting for? It is 2021, the perfect year to fill your dresser with sporty clothes and shoes.