Why a Row House in Navi Mumbai is a Smart Option for Investment?

Why a Row House in Navi Mumbai is a Smart Option for Investment?


Having a house of your own is life-changing but finding an ideal property is quite a hassle. The Real Estate Market has a lot of options, out of which, Row House is one such type of property that has been attracting a lot of investors. Although seen as a new rage now, the Row Houses have been around since the early 17th century. The semi-independent villas are a row of similar-looking houses in a gated community with multiple floors, offering privacy, security, and a sense of community. Property investment in Row House is quite beneficial to the Homeowners.

A Few Points to Consider From an Investment Point of View 

Although admirable, an investment decision cannot be based on just benefits. Important aspects and future growth prospects need to be considered while investing in a Row House in Navi Mumbai.

  • Location – Consider the developments and future prospects of a location of a row house in Navi Mumbai with the presence of schools & colleges, hospitals, and availability of transport.
  • Budget – Comparison between the budget of a row house in Navi Mumbai you are willing to spend with the perks benefitted in comparison to the row house price trends in Navi Mumbai.
  • Return on investment – Consider the builder, project, locality forecast to what return of an investment will one get.
  • Customization – Rowhouses offer greater flexibility of modifications with customization as per your requirements as compared to apartments.
  • The number of occupants – Space is a luxury that can give you a higher return on investment.

Benefits of Investing in Row Houses of Navi Mumbai

Uniform Plan & Architecture

An old-world charm that instantly teleports you to the ’80s with a uniform plan and architecture of row houses in Navi Mumbai. Though each of the houses is similar, they don’t share a common exterior element. Each row consists of 3 houses.

Community Living

Offering benefits of a gated community sans the cultured look and feel of apartments, modern facilities of security & surveillance, a higher share of undivided share of land, and many more.

Lower Construction Costs

Effective use of land and low construction costs due to their unique design and planning which proves to the fact how it requires lower maintenance for row houses.

Spacious Living

Spaces can be planned to suit individual tastes and outdoor areas can be modified into green areas, following the trend and such.


Although attached, the sharing stops with the walls so privacy is maintained.

Safety & Security

Round-the-clock and top notch security is provided on the campus.

Up to Date & Polished Homes

Built by keeping in mind, the latest styles and fashion, naturally encompassing all the modern amenities and features.

Row Houses attract investors from all walks of life, whether you are a mature couple looking for retirement, or a nuclear family packed with energetic kids and pets, a row house is like a dream come true. With stunning features and irresistible benefits, Row Houses in Navi Mumbai are a great fit for homebuyers.

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