Wondering how Much do Glasses Cost?

Glasses Cost

If you’re a glasses’ wearer, you’ll know that wearing specs can be a costly exercise with regular visits to the optometrist to check your prescription & eye health, plus the cost of the frame and lenses to correct your vision. Read our blog to discover how much it costs to wear glasses and how to save money on prescription glasses with the SmartBuy Collection €9 frame and lens deal. 

How Much do Glasses Cost?

Wearing reading glasses can be expensive! Plus, it is recommended that you replace your glasses every one to three years, as well as have regular eye exams. You could face these annual costs as a prescription glasses’ wearer:

  • Designer frames: can cost up to €900
  • Lenses: Standard single vision lenses are often included in the price. Bifocal or progressive lenses wearer? You could pay up to €300 or more!  

Luckily, retailers like SmartBuyGlasses Germany offer great prices on prescription glasses, free shipping, 2-year warranty, and 100 days returns, so you don’t have to break the bank when you shop for eyewear. 

Why are Glasses so Expensive?

There are many reasons why eyeglasses can be considered expensive. Some of these include: 

  • Cost of manufacturing 
  • Cost of materials 
  • Buying a recognised designer brand 

Do you Want to Save Money on Prescription Glasses? 

SmartBuy Collection stands for quality eyewear at super affordable prices. They have launched a new collection of prescription glasses from just €9 for frame and lens!

You don’t have to compromise on style, with nine different styles including full-rimmed, pilot shaped, rectangular, square, oval, round and cat-eyed in a variety of modern colours. The frames all include free lenses, plus free shipping in Germany! The glasses come with a sustainable cleaning cloth and case made from recycled PET. How cool is that? 

Top Tips to Save Money on your Prescription Glasses

  • Shop online: SmartBuyGlasses promises the best prices, free shipping and 2-year warranty from over 180 designer brands
  • Buy affordable glasses from SmartBuy Collection starting from just €9 for frame & lenses

Want to Save Even More Money on your Glasses? 

Are you a health fund member? If you’ve got optical extras cover, you could now get not 1, not 2, but 3 pairs of prescription glasses with your health fund rebate! Be sure to check with your provider on your optical limit per annum.  

Our Top Affordable Prescription Glasses Picks 

Looking for a stylish, cheap pair of glasses to leave at the office? Bay is your answer! These super feminine cat-eye frame glasses come in a trendy havana print that’s ultra office-chic. With full-rimmed frames, free lenses included, and 2-year warranty, we vote SmartBuy Collection Bay glasses the best choice for your spare pair at work.

Glasses Cost

  • SmartBuy Collection Laurie Glasses
    Want affordable glasses but something a little more unique? The unisex Laurie glasses come in transparent shades of blue, yellow and green making you stand out already for the unique colour palette. With pilot shaped, full-rimmed frames these glasses look great on both men and women, making them an excellent choice for anyone that desires the ‘cool’ factor when they wear prescription specs.

Glasses Cost

  • SmartBuy Collection Jody Glasses

What you see is what you get with Jody. These classic-shaped square glasses are professional and sensible cheap reading glasses. Available in a transparent grey shade, they come with free lenses all for the ultra-affordable price of just €9.

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